Organization and Business Development

AB Företagsutveckling in Lund works with business development and organizational issues for small and medium-sized companies.

Within the business development area, our work focuses on the company development and commercial operations by clear renewal processes. We help our clients on issues as vision, goal strategy, tactics and analysis. Renewal and change of management are important phrases for us to create sustainable, robust and profitable solutions for our customers.

Our Experience

  • Organization development
  • Renewal work
  • Core values work
  • Business development
  • Product development
  • Marketing Communications and Positioning
  • Sales Strategies

Our expertise in organization development focuses on companies where the organization has not followed with business development, but instead suffered growth pains. We help companies in this stage with organizational solutions, which will give for the company the possibility to continue to expand and grow with a more efficient structure and administration.

There are two main reasons why smaller companies will have a stagnation in results. This is partly in that management’s roll changing, and staff development. When an organization grows, the owner needs to delegate parts of the responsibility, but often forgets that with responsibility comes authority. The owner cannot fully focus on what is important because he or she has not been sufficiently relieved, which can increase the risk of making hasty decisions. It is easy to end up in a vicious circle where the result decreases in spite of increased sales.

The staff of a company is professionally in different phases such as a forward progressive phase or an administrative phase. Depending on which stage of development the company is in, it needs to have personnel in various professional stages. Problems arise when people from staff wander between phases without understanding their new roles; they get personnel that miss how it was before, so they do not live up to his or her old self. AB Företagsutveckling in Lund has a lot of experience with organizations affected by growth pains and we have good solutions. We will happily help you find the right organizational structure for your company today.