Welcome to AB Företagsutveckling in Lund

– We inspire individuals and companies to develop!

Starting from January 1st we have a new company to which some of our services are moved, more information here!

Here at AB Företagsutveckling in Lund, we work to develop both people and business. You can get help with coaching, personal support, recruitment and staffing, organizational development, and business development.

As our client, you will receive help to develop your skills in order to achieve your specific goals, which we always adapt and match according to companies’ skills requirements.

When you contact us, you will meet one of our twelve skilled and dedicated employees, who work with active coaching to refine your particular skills. We want to help you to feel seen and believe in inspiring each individual’s capacity to evolve.

AB Företagsutveckling in Lund has a wide network within the region, with both companies and agencies, with which we are in daily contact. Everything so that you might find the right path and achieve your goals.


AB Företagsutveckling I Lund is a monthly donor to UNHCR.